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     From the National Pest Control Associations "PEST GAZETTE"

Before purchasing a home be sure that your termite inspector is a qualified professional. Many companies may offer termite inspections, but do they have the expertise that it takes to perform this important service?
Professional termite inspection is a specialty all its own. A variety of disciplines must be mastered to be a successful termite inspector. Just being familiar with the types and methods of construction is not enough. Minute deficiencies in construction as small as 1/64 inch can invite termite attack. The professional termite inspector needs to know the "tricks of the building trade" that don't appear in trade manuals or building codes. These could have an impact on termite infestation.
Professional termite inspectors must fully understand termite biology, life cycles & habits. Termites exist in complex social colonies underground. Well, if termites live underground, then why do they attack most of our homes on Long Island? An experienced professional termite inspector will know.
A professional termite inspector is aware of the environmental conditions that attract termites to structures. He or she knows how quickly termites can travel in our sandy soil and how moisture relates to termite infestation.
Buying a home is a sizable investment. Protect that investment. We at Sweeney have been professional termite inspectors for three generations. We stand behind our reports. If evidence of termite infestation is not discovered, we provide our customer with a written warranty.

For more information call Services by Sweeney toll free at 1(888) SWEENEY.

You can also contact us at our e-mail address: support@888sweeney.com