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Insects or mice that occasionally get into the house disturb every homeowner. Services by Sweeney, Inc. has developed a specialized service to solve immediate pest problems, and more importantly, to help prevent problems in the future.

Common household pests enter your home in a variety of ways. You can bring roaches into your home with the groceries or in other products. Ants, silverfish, firebrats and mice enter through tiny cracks or crevices, seeking food or shelter ... fleas and ticks come in on your pet. Other common household pests such as spiders, millipedes, centipedes, beetles and crickets enter in a variety of ways that are difficult to detect. Sweeney has a unique plan to solve all these problems (and many more) all year round.

Our trained technicians know pests - their hiding places, their life cycles, where and when they lay their eggs. Based on scientific knowledge, our services are targeted to prevent unwanted invasions and to keep your home pest free. Through integrated pest management techniques there is minimal reliance on chemicals and greater emphasis on alternate effective methods.

Sweeney will personalize a Service Plan to meet the specific pest control needs of your home. Our New York State certified technicians will provide periodic inspections and assessments to ensure a pest free environment. Service visits are rendered at specially designated times throughout the year when your home is most vulnerable to pest invasion. Continuous pest prevention is carried out by integrating systems of safe modern control techniques with proper biological timing, and careful follow-up monitoring.

All this at a cost that is very affordable to you. Call now!

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You can also contact us at our e-mail address: support@888sweeney.com