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Make your home a solid investment with Integrated Pest Management.

There seems to be quite a buzz about new bait termite strategies. Television, radio and print, everywhere we look publicity people are creating excitement about termite bait technology.

First, is it new?  Well, yes and no.  Termite bait technologies have been tested and tried in the past.  The voracious Formosan termite was a target in the '60s and 70s for Mirex Baits in the Gulf States region. Pest control professionals have learned about termite baits from these early experiences. We also have learned from the agricultural model of controlling pests that it is not likely or practical to control pests using only one method.  Thus the science of Integrated Pest Management was developed. Integrated Pest Management is a combination of a variety of tactics that are used to control a pest based upon the knowledge that we have regarding biology, life cycle and the related environment.  

Our firm is committed to controlling termites in a reliable and safe fashion. Every termite control condition that we encounter is unique.  We therefore cannot rely on one technology.  We are results oriented, not product oriented. We do not support nor do we disclaim the single product any manufacturer. Products are merely tools that have their own time and place in an Integrated Pest Management plan.

We believe that baits do have their place in termite control, however a professional needs to evaluate and choose the best combination of control tactics.  There are many job sites that are well suited for supplementation with bait or monitoring tactics. We can even add a baiting option to treatments done prior to the introduction of these new termite baits. A significant value to baiting programs is that they serve as monitoring method and a threshold action level indicator. This will assist the control professional determine when additional Integrated Pest Management tactics should be implemented.

Some of our competitors claim that termite colonies are eliminated with baits. We must question the consistency of that of that claim. Termites forage randomly, they therefore may not encounter a feeding station. Numerous termite colonies exist under the ground. The colony that "hits" the feeding station may not be the same, or the only colony feeding on your property. Biological factors like these support our commitment to Integrated Pest Management.

Everyday we renew our commitment to Integrated Pest Management by performing environmentally conscious termite service and termite baits are one of the tools that we utilize often.

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