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Borescopes are miniaturized optic devices that help us look through tiny openings into building voids and wall cores. We use borescopes as well as many other tools to detect termites and other wood destroying pests. Inspection mirrors are used similar to the way a dentist examines teeth. Inspection mirrors help the Sweeney inspector see around corners that are otherwise not visually accessible. Various probes can "feel" or "sound" wooden members to further help us detect termite and pest damage.

 We utilize all of the tools that are available and that are practical for use on professional inspections, however it is in the experience of the Sweeney technician that sets us apart from other inspectors. Our inspectors are certified in wood destroying insect control and thoroughly trained how and why building methods relate to termite and wood damaging pest infestation. They perform inspections for wood destroying pests every day. Trust your home only to the Sweeney inspector, the qualified specialist in termite detection.

Phone us TOLL FREE: 1(888)SWEENEY 1(888)793-3639

You can also contact us at our e-mail address: support@888sweeney.com