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Carpenter ants love moist wood

They usually (but not always) nest in wood that is damp or even wet. Indoors, the moisture may come from a leaky roof, overflowing rain gutters, poor ventilation in a crawlspace, or from a plumbing leak. Outdoors, carpenter ants commonly nest in old tree stumps, dead trees, logs, stacked firewood, old railroad ties, and other wood in contact with the ground.

Carpenter ants  can nest in your home

Like other ants and termites, carpenter ants produce winged queens and kings that fly off in large swarms, usually in the spring. So carpenter ant colonies can start small, with a single queen flying in and starting a nest. On the other hand, a whole colony or a part of a colony can pick up and migrate to a new nest site, perhaps inside your home.

A professional inspection is needed

Even if they are not nesting in your home, carpenter ants can be a nuisance when feeding in your kitchen. The worker ants often travel up to 100 yards looking for food. The ants infesting your kitchen may be nesting in your home or they may be coming from an old stump at the back of your yard.
There are three ways you can identify carpenter ants. You can identify them yourself. You can collect some ants in a vial of alcohol and send them to your Cooperative Extension Service for identification. Or you can have a professional from our pest control company inspect your home.
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